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Exam Season Parenting: A Crash Course

Join our 2-part parenting course with Child & Adolescent Psychologist Dr Louise Egan

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Exam Season Parenting: A Crash Course

Exam season is tough on teens, and that's on top of their adolescence - a pretty major phase in their development. In between managing meltdowns and to-ing and fro-ing them from school, it can be hard to step back and think about how to approach this challenging time. To help you help them, we're excited to invite you to Exam Season Parenting, our free 2-part parenting course with Child & Adolescent Clinical Psychologist Dr Louise Egan. 

Louise has 17 years experience helping children, teens and parents navigate challenges with education, family and mental health. You'll be able to ask Louise questions specific to your family, and you'll also be learning with other parents facing the same challenges as you. Here's what you'll learn in each Zoom session:

Session 1: May 18th 2022, 6-7pm

  • What's going on in the teenage brain between the ages 13-18
  • What causes exam stress
  • How you can help them manage their emotions, reduce their stress and do their best academically
  • Suggested tactics to try with your teen in the following week

Session 2: May 25th 2022, 6-7pm

  • Group discussion on putting Louise's advice into practice
  • Live Q&A with Louise

You'll also receive free course notes and a certificate at the end of the course.


Dr Louise Egan

Louise is a Child & Adolescent Clinical Psychologist with 17 years experience specialising working with children, families, schools and social care.