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Clorrie Y.

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August 2, 2021 4:00 PM

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

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The jump between GCSE and A Level Spanish is exciting yet daunting for many! A Level Spanish requires that you understand the cultures, politics and histories of Spain and Latin America and the Caribbean in depth. 

This course will be delivered by a postgraduate student at the Oxford University Latin American Centre who is an enthusiastic journalist of Hispanic affairs for three Latin American magazines. She will provide you with the foundational knowledge of the five themes of the AQA A Level in Spanish: Aspects of Hispanic Society, Multiculturalism in Hispanic Society, Artistic Culture in the Hispanic World and Aspects of Political Life in the Hispanic World. For each topic, there will be suggested readings, films and videos. You will explore a broad range of case studies carefully selected by the course instructor to meet the A Level syllabus. The course will also provide you with some tips and tricks for deciding your topic and refining your research question for the Independent Research Project (IRP) aspect of the A Level Spanish speaking examination.

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Course topics

Lesson 1: Aspects of Hispanic Society

Lesson 2: Multiculturalism in Hispanic Society

Lesson 3: Artistic Culture in the Hispanic World

Lesson 4: Aspects of Political Life in the Hispanic World

Lesson 5: Starting your Independent Research Project (IRP)

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